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All my lessons, failures, and experiences of the past were actually laying down the foundation for me to fulfill my PURPOSE in life.

Ching Relampagos

Get to know Ching Relampagos

Ching Relampagos has a 


At the heart of the matter

The passion to impact lives 



I am destined to live, lead, and leave a life-changing legacy...

Call To Purpose

I was 12 years old and about to graduate from elementary school when I became aware of the world around me and wanted to make a bigger impact in the world. Being the youngest in the family without responsibilities yet, up until then, everything was just child's play for me. The instant I learned that I was a medalist was the same moment I learned to take responsibility for my future - to own the outcome of my actions. That was a transformational moment for me. It came at the right time as I was about to enter high school the following year.


Although I excelled in a Catholic girls' high school, it was painfully clear I was different from most girls. I've always known that I was gay - a transgender male. Yet, my upbringing, school, and religion said my homosexuality was wrong. This was always a source of tension and point of oppression for me. I suppressed my homosexuality and conformed to societal norms. Entrepreneurial since Grade 4, yet I became an employee at my parents' advice. While rising the corporate ladder, I was dabbling in real estate and side business. I settled for mediocrity and I felt I didn't fully belong.

Moment of Change

The game-changer for me happened in September 2014, after my third secret same-sex relationship ended and I went through my 46th birthday the previous month all alone. I felt so down, miserable, and utterly lonely for over a month, realizing that I was well into mid-life, yet, still living this big lie and the mediocrity that I settled for. I wanted to be free of the shackles and limiting beliefs I was trapped in so I can be the best I can possibly be. I only have one life to live and half of it is already gone. I vowed to live the rest of my life on my own terms and make it the best of my life!

...that will outlast and outlive me on this Planet Earth


I first opened up to my niece about my homosexuality on the night I decided enough was enough. She was very accepting and my revelation felt so liberating! It led to more transformation - my hair cut, men's shoes, then formal wear - all unmistakably masculine. I gradually grew more comfortable shopping for clothes at the men's section, and to be confident about showing my real self to the world even during corporate events. I learned to live life not needing anybody's approval or to conform to what society finds acceptable. In June 2015, I opened up about my homosexuality to my closest friend at work, who was very accepting and encouraged me to be my real self always.

Gaining Skills

I focused on my personal development and attended trainings locally and abroad - Robert Kiyosaki Live in Manila in 2015, Peng Joon's Internet Income Intensive, T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive, and Paul O'Mahony's Online Business Mastery in 2016. I became a T. Harv Eker certified trainer and completed his Quantum Leap program in 2017. I learned new skills and reinvented myself. In July 2016, while still working in Metro Manila, I joined 3 business partners and opened up a bakery/cafe/resto in Bohol, where my family is deeply-rooted. I left my corporate cubicle in March 2017 and moved to Bohol.

Return To Purpose

In 2017, I became a Consultant for the Local Government Unit of Loon, Bohol. In 2018, I wrote the lyrics for its tourism jingle, co-founded 2 home-based startup t-shirt businesses, my tourism project went viral in social and mainstream media and got featured on TV twice! I guided our town to win multiple awards for its digital initiatives from 2017 to 2020. In 2018, I launched my eBook and website in January, my audiobook in February, was a speaker in the Cashflow 101 Workshop in March, certified for Digital Marketing in July, and launched Smart Money 101 in October. I became the Financial Literacy Trainer of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO) in February 2020.

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Who is Ching Relampagos

Life is meant to be the best I can possibly be

Entrepreneur and Chief Empowering Officer

Co-founder of home-based startups for souvenir t-shirts promoting pride of place and statement t-shirts advocating a positive attitude and way of life

Promoting Local Tourism and Instilling Pride of Place

Clothing company for souvenir t-shirts and clothing items promoting tourism in Loon, Bohol, Philippines and instilling pride of place ("garbo" means pride in the dialect) or "Garbong Loon" among Loonanons the world over

Nurturing a Positive Mindset and Lifestyle

Clothing and lifestyle merchandise with positive call to action messages in trendy and edgy designs and vibrant colors as a shoutout to everyone to nurture a positive mindset and lifestyle

Consultant and Game-Changer

LGU-Loon Consultant

Since August 2017

Consultant for the Local Government Unit of Loon, Bohol, Philippines focusing on digital initiatives, tourism, and business development

Digital Game-Changer

Winning 4 Straight Years

Guided LGU-Loon in terms of steering its digital initiatives to win multiple national awards at the municipal level for four years in a row and counting with more digital initiatives undertaken moving forward

Tourism Prime Mover

3D Pedestrian Lanes

Ching's out-of-the-box idea catapulted the quiet town of Loon into becoming a tourism bucket list overnight, and as Municipal Tourism Officer Designate, Ching launched the LoonMadanihon Day Tour, which is Loon's first tour package ever

Media Influencer

Print, TV & Social Media

Only a few hours after its launching, the 3D Pedestrian Lane along Loon's Hugot Road went viral in social and mainstream media and got Ching featured in CNN Philippines and Rated K on primetime television

Motivational Speaker and Sage on the Stage

Speaking before an audience of over 200 people in the Cashflow 101 Workshop held in Cebu City on March 2018.