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"How to build Passive Income that fuels your Entrepreneurial Success and create the Lifestyle Freedom you've always wanted."

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  • Ching has over 26 years of work experience with Nestle Philippines, Inc. - the last half of which, as its main Finance support to its retail distributors nationwide

  • Ching was the Subject Matter Expert on Distributor Finance for Nestle's Shark School for more than 10 years

  • While holding the job, Ching engaged in real estate investing and had side businesses which helped Ching retire early from the corporate world in March, 2017 and move to Bohol, where the family is deeply-rooted

  • Since then, Ching pays it forward and contributes to a better Philippines - for two years from August 2017, Ching was a Volunteer Consultant for the Municipality of Loon, Bohol

  • Ching helps out the local government unit in its development efforts, particularly in information and communications technology, tourism, and business development after Loon was severely devastated by the magnitude 7.2 earthquake in October 15, 2013

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    In 2018, Ching was able to launch an eBook, audiobook, and website, spoke before an audience of over 200 people in the Cashflow 101 Workshop, recognized as the lyricist of Loon's tourism jingle, launched two home-based start-ups, had a tourism project that went trending in social and mainstream media and featured twice on television, and launched a financial literacy workshop. 

    In August 2019, Ching founded the Loon Bloggers Society to promote Loon online. In February 2020, Ching became the Financial Literacy Trainer of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO). In July 2020, Ching launched a community for aspiring entrepreneurs. In March 2021, Ching launched an eBook product funnel, membership portal, and affiliate marketing program online. 

    Currently, Ching is an entrepreneur, content creator, author, digital marketer, trainer, coach, and tribe builder - while at the same time, also a full-fledged Consultant of the Office of the Mayor of Loon, Bohol and designated as the Municipal Tourism Officer of the Local Government Unit of Loon.

    Beyond being a Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Real Estate Broker, Ching is also a certified trainer, a certified digital marketer, and most of all, a certified life-long learner.


    Work With Ching

    Over 15 YEARS

    Training + Consulting Experience With Individuals & Teams

    3,200+ HOURS

    Training + Consulting + Coaching Delivered 

    Php2.5 MILLION+

    Invested in Continuous Growth & Personal Development

    This is a resource founded and run by Ching Relampagos to provide you with information and motivation proven to enhance your financial literacy, as well as strategies, to help you build passive income anchored on our Go For Lifestyle Freedom Formula and our 3-step Signature System.

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    • The 11 Human Intelligences

    • And how you can capitalize on your particular learning style in order to program yourself for success

    • Entrepreneur's Special Order of Battle

    • And how you can prepare yourself to embrace it!

    • Sure-Fire Formula To Wealth Building

    • And how it can fast-track your freedom so you will never have to work again unless you choose to

    • How To Discover The Higher Purpose

    • Behind your desire for freedom and help you to prepare to live it!



    "Great motivator! Capsulized mentor - comprehensive information in a compact package! A must-read for those who envisioned a life of freedom."

    Joy Tian-Dy

    Cebu City, Philippines

    "Over all, it is a promising book, a must-read."

    Gabby Obejas

    Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

    "This book is easy to follow even for someone like me who doesn't have any background in business. The concepts are motivational and the author's personal experience is inspirational. Love the anecdotal note on Lolo & Lola and a perfect introduction for the book. Definitely my 3rd grader and middle schooler will be reading this."

    Maggie Shin

    California, USA



    A Live Workshop centered on the investing board game called Cashflow 101 created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of New York Times' best-selling books Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, Guide To Investing, Retire Young Retire Rich, and many more.

    It will teach you the Rich Dad concepts from the books towards applying those concepts in real life through simulation. It is a fun, powerful, and safe environment for learning because there is no money involved during the game.

    The workshop will allow the participants to practice the concepts thereby building their solid foundation for financial literacy.



    How rich people build their wealth and how you can develop these skills

    The language of money - and how you can make use of these to build your wealth

    Different ways income is earned and how you can optimize your income generation

    Spot investment opportunities that will help you get out of the rat race.

    How to get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom

    The opportunity to learn with like-minded people and grow your network



    "Smart Money 101 is one of the best guidelines to help my personal financial planning secure every day and in the future."

    Marimar Magpuyo

    Loon, Bohol, Philippines

    "I learned a lot from Smart Money 101! As a young entrepreneur, it led me to acquire vital information on how to use the money wisely, broaden my knowledge in terms of financial matters, and develop my financial planning."

    Joseph Corciega

    Loon, Bohol, Philippines

    "Smart Money 101 is a game-changer! I never learned in school what I've discovered in the workshop. It's very interactive and applicable to real-life situations. I'm very glad to have invested time, money, and effort in the training!"

    Junalyn Alivio

    Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

    Ching is relentlessly pursuing the mission to empower 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs achieve lifestyle freedom by building passive income that fuels their entrepreneurial success.

    In line with this, Ching launched, YOU Live FREE – creating your own economy, in July 2020.

    A growing and thriving community of Passive Income Builders, passionate about building passive income that fuels entrepreneurial success and Lifestyle Freedom Warriors, purposeful about contributing to a better world starting with our own families and the people around us, and from there, touch countless others. In doing so, we will positively impact thousands, and even millions, of lives and families around the world.

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